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What is identity theft?

Identity theft is broadly defined as the improper use of another’s identity for a fraudulent purpose. The variations of identity theft run the gamut. Most commonly, people discover the unauthorized use of their exisitng credit card accounts. Less often people discover unknown credit card accounts opened in their name. In some instances it can even involve encountering pending criminal charges or an exisitng warrant for their arrest based on acts of the thief.

How can our office help?

Despite identity theft’s many variations, it almost always produces the same result; significant disruption and damage to the victim’s life. It is claimed that the average victim of identity theft spends many hours, and some even hundreds, attempting to repair the damage from identity theft. This is what our attorney can help you with. Instead of going it alone and taking steps to implement faulty unprofessional advice or what you read in the internet, you can get a professional on board.

  • Get false entries off your credit report
  • Lawsuit defense
  • Sue creditors or debt collectors

What we don’t do

Generally, we do not provide services or advice on how to stop or prevent identity theft before it occurs. The federal and state governments have resources to help you safeguard your personal information, such as your social security number, to prevent identity theft. You may contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Massachusetts or Connecticut Attorney General for such help. Instead, we are the place to come to after the identity theft has been discovered to remedy its effects.

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