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Let our educated attorney assist you in protecting your legal rights when in a civil dispute

We understand how important it is to get competent and affordable representation when you’re involved in a legal dispute. Our knowledgeable attorney will help you understand the litigation process so you can be confident over the life cycle of your case.

Your case and life circumstances are unique. Our attorney can advise you how to protect your legal rights at each step along the way to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

  • Get legal advice specific to your circumstances and your case
  • Learn your legal rights and options available to you in your situation
  • We take a personal interest in your case to maximize results

Our highly educated attorney will help you evaluate your case and keep you informed each step along the way, so you can make the right legal choices for your circumstances.

  • Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy
  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt collection abuse
  • Debt collection defense
  • First Amendment Issues
  • Harassment Protection Orders
  • Identity theft litigation
  • Internet defamation
  • Slander/libel/defamation
  • Wiretap Violations (State and Federal)

The law is constantly changing. Whether you’re pursuing litigation yourself, or find yourself embroiled in a civil dispute, you need advice from an attorney to protect your rights.

When you have become involved in a civil dispute, you need legal assistance. Don’t wait to get legal help until it’s too late to resolve your issues. Call today.