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Category Archives: Attorney-Client Privilege

Category Archives: Attorney-Client Privilege

If a third party pays for the legal representation of another person, are they entitled to keep tabs on the case and have input in decisions and actions taken?

No. It is common for some potential clients that need legal help to seek and need a third party to pay for the legal representation. In that case, it is also common for that third party payer to expect to have access to the communications between the attorney and client and have input on decision […]

I have been warned not to waive my attorney-client privilege during my civil lawsuit, what does that mean?

1 September 2014 To understand the importance of the attorney-client privilege, initially, one must understand what information a party is generally entitled to during a lawsuit/litigation.  Generally, the other party is entitled to what you say to others about the facts of the lawsuit.  This needs to sink in because people are used to the […]