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Category Archives: Defamation

Category Archives: Defamation

Am I able to obtain an injunction against a person to stop them from continuing to defame me?

Maybe, to a limited extent, and likely only after it has been determined that the speech is in fact defamatory.  Keep in mind, we are discussing a different type of relief than what one can obtain through typical restraining and harassment protection orders under Mass. Gen. Laws c. 209A and c. 258E.  What we are […]

Do I have a defamation claim against someone that claims he was only expressing his opinion?

26 May 2015 Answer:  It depends.  Statements that are determined to strictly be the expression of an opinion after all underlying facts are presented are not actionable.  However, someone simply couching a defamatory statement as an opinion does not make it an opinion and is actionable.  It takes a legal analysis and legal opinions on […]

Internet defamation lawyers in Massachusetts, what do they do?

4 November 2014 Initially, we will explore what Internet defamation is before discussing what Internet defamation lawyers in Massachusetts actually do.  And we will have to back up even one more step and address what defamation is because that itself is not understood by all.  Defamation is a collective term for both slander, which is […]

What is the statute of limitations for a slander/defamation claim in Massachusetts?

2 May 2014 Answer: Three years from when you know or with reasonable diligence should have known the harm done and the identity of the defamer. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently decided the case of Harrington v. Costello.  467 Mass. 720 (2014).  It is a current expression of the law on timing and the […]